Monday, April 24, 2023

Reader Review

BAH Founding Member Publishes a Memoir Raging Currents: Mental Illness and Family 

By Lauren Phillips 

There is a lot wrong with the way this country cares for its mentally ill. Sociologist Nanette Davis—educator, writer, advocate, and researcher—is in a better position than most to critique our current care systems, not just as a scholar but as a loving caregiver over decades for a severely mentally ill son and a severely mentally ill sister. Her cleareyed and compelling new memoir, Raging Currents: Mental Illness and Family, offers hard-won wisdom, experience, and compassion that have informed her personal life and sound practical strategies that can help readers navigate the mental health landscape. 

Raging Currents carries readers from Nanette’s turbulent upbringing as the strong-willed child of dysfunctional parents through her struggle for independence and her embrace of the supportive roles of sister, wife, and mother. On a parallel track, it traces the development of mental health therapies from sedation and isolation, to 12-step programs, tough love, and modern neuroscience-driven treatments. The book is available at Village Books and from Amazon. 

Kudos on this accomplishment, Nanette.

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