Monday, April 24, 2023

Raging Currents Endorsements



Dr. Davis has written a courageous book.  Her willingness to be open and vulnerable, revealing her childhood experiences growing up in a family burdened with mental illness and alcoholism, and later as a mother raising a mentally ill son, have given us a glimpse into the devastation mental illness wreaks on a family.  Ultimately, as she takes us on this journey with her, she brings us back to what’s most important of all—love.

                                                                                  Gloria Harrison, Psy.D.

                                                                                  Clinical Psychologist


In this heartbreaking, yet heartwarming, book, Nanette Davis shares her experiences caring for a mentally ill sister and son, some encounters predictable, others surprising. Caregiving Sharon, while married, raising a family of six children, and working full time, Nanette confronted the fact that her son, Mike, had begun to demonstrate traits of mental illness, that was not adolescent acting-out behavior. Her accomplishments in dealing with life’s overwhelming expectations make for riveting reading. Mental health professionals as well as families with their own “Sharons” and “Mikes” will find much to instruct and inspire them.

                                                              Suzanne L. Krogh, Ph.D.

    Professor of Childhood Education


Raging Currents is a powerful, important book. It’s a “must read” not only for families and people struggling with these issues but also for health professionals, mental health workers, and all who care about mental health issues in our society. Dr. Davis offers how-to-strategies for navigating the health care system and coping with two mentally ill loved ones, as well as criticisms of our current mental health programs.

Lynne Masland, Ph.D.

A Century of Challenge and Change: Whatcom

Women and the YWCA


In Raging Currents, Nanette Davis has gifted us with candid and loving insight into the challenges of caring for a severely mentally-ill sister and son, while holding a family with five other children together, and working full time. She models courage and strength and delivers a realistic picture.

                                                                        Skye Burn

Skye Burn Productions LLC


In this personal memoir, Raging Currents, Nanette Davis writes in intimate detail about her personal odyssey as caregiver for two loved ones: Sharon, who “lived a life tormented by self-loss,” and a son, struggling to develop an identity. In this candid narrative, we experience Nanette’s perseverance over many years in seeking help and providing care for her sister’s schizophrenia and son’s bipolar disease, despite family denial and the lack of support from the mental healthcare system. This story is a gift to anyone living with or knowing someone suffering from mental illness, impressing us on how love and persistence conquer all.

Nancy Canyon

Author of Struck, Saltwater, and Dark Forest




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