Photo Gallery

The following photos show various family members over nine decades.

The photos provide glimpses of two mentally ill loved ones: Sharon, my sister; and Michael, my son.

  Older sister Nanette with Marilyn and Sharon, 1938.
  My sister Sharon at her high school graduation, 1954.
    Sharon with my oldest daughter, Katherine, 1956.
Sharon (left) with Nanette and her son, Timmy, 1961.

Timmy and 9-month old Mikey, 1962.
Mikey at age 2, 1964.
Mikey and his Dad, 1968.
Nanette's six children: (top row) Tim, Liddy, Katherine, and Susan. (bottom row) Patti and Mikey, St. Cloud, Minnesota, 1972.
Mike at his high school graduation, 1980.
Mike with his youngest sister Patti, Sharon, and Jim (Nanette's late husband), 1978.

Mike at a local Clackamas County, Oregon park, 2018.

Easter celebration with my husband and children: Liddy, Tim, Burl, Katherine, Sue, and Patti, 2023.

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