Monday, April 24, 2023

                                                The Writing Project

My decade-long effort of writing my memoir on mental illness in my family was undoubtedly the most challenging task I've ever undertaken. Remembrances were often so painful it required days to process specific episodes. I felt such shame about my sister's schizophrenia. What did that say about our growing-up years? I experienced such guilt about my son's bipolar condition. How did I go wrong in my childrearing? But the entire writing enterprise loosened the grip of these negative emotions, and I felt more free and capable of being a compassionate "witness" instead of a suffering participant. When I finished the last chapter, I had a wondrous sense of joy and accomplishment, and I could finally dwell on the knowledge that this was a journey of love.

I hope others find your own writing or journaling to be a healing experience.

The memoir, "Raging Currents: Mental Illness and Family" is available on:

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