Thursday, June 7, 2018

Guest Post: How Seniors Can Feel More Secure at Home [Infographic]

By Michael Leavy

All too often, we hear of heinous crimes being committed against senior citizens in their own homes. From burglars ransacking the home while its owner is out, to thugs breaking in and directly inflicting pain on an elderly resident, the effects of crime on seniors can be horrifying, ev
en more so if the person lives alone.

Sadly, criminals tend to see elderly citizens as easy targets. There could be a few
reasons for this – seniors can often be rather frail and defenseless; they might be less likely to report the crime to the police; they follow the same behavioral patterns, making their movements predictable to criminals.

There are ways in which seniors can feel more secure in their homes, though. Advances in technology mean that people can now keep an eye on their homes even from afar thanks to home security apps. If the home is occupied, automation features such as sensor lighting can help to keep criminals at bay, as a burglar is unlikely to break into a home if he/she triggers a light.

Along with basic pointers, such as locking all windows and doors when going out and not stashing a key underneath the welcome mat (as burglars will almost always look there first), you can find some useful tips on improving home security for your elderly relatives in this infographic from Home Healthcare Adaptations. Regardless of the valuables that are protected in the residence, the peace of mind a safe home offers is priceless to a senior citizen.

Home Healthcare Adaptations, based in Ireland, specializes in treating clients like family while helping seniors age-in-place.


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