Thursday, December 15, 2016

Guest Post: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Seniors in Your Life

By Daniel Lewis

We love giving gifts to our loved ones, especially around the holidays. Yet, sometimes we don’t really know what to buy them. The variety is endless, and often times we leave for a shopping spree only to come back 4 hours later with nothing. Are you running out of ideas? Do you want to make an impression on a loved one with the coolest gift? Here are some ideas for the older adult on your list. Grandmas and grandpas, prepare to be wowed!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
We love our older adults because they make our lives merrier. They’ve raised us and they care for us unconditionally. We should do the same. For this holiday season, what do you think of a robot vacuum cleaner? It is an innovative device that cleans the house on its own, and it might really come in handy for senior parents who are no longer able to clean the house every day. Get techy this season and offer your loved one something they can use. Charging is not required as the device can connect by itself to the charging station.

Photo Album
Photo albums never go out of style. We love them because they’re so thoughtful. Invest in a personalized album. Choose some of your best pictures, and below every picture, add a meaningful message. This personalized gift will make your parents and grandparents proud, and show your admiration and appreciation. Make sure to add the time and location to each photo in the album. As they grow older, they might begin to forget details. This is an ideal way to help them stay “present.”

Fluffy House Shoes
Most seniors spend a great deal of their day inside the house. What better time of the year to offer them an amazing pair of fluffy slippers! Choose quality materials for both the inside and outside. Since many older adults have back and leg pains, you might want to purchase them from a specialty retailer that carries an assortment of comfortable and supportive options.

Sleep Therapy Machine
This gift idea might seem a little far-fetched, but consider the benefits… Many older adults suffer from insomnia, so why not something that could really help? A sleep therapy machine might be the best gift you’ve ever given. They can be a bit high-tech, sure. Why not install the device for them and show your mom and dad the features. The best models offer white noise and ways to address sounds that disrupt rest. Your loved ones could very well enjoy the best sleep they’ve had in years.

Shopping Cart
Just because some older adults have mobility issues doesn’t mean they don’t want to get out of the house. Make their trip to the grocery store easier with a cart that includes built-in seating. This way, they can shop to their heart’s content, and if they get tired, can sit down and rest for a few minutes. Due to the large wheels, these carts roll smoothly and can be used to carry plenty of goodies.

Massage Pillow
Since older adults often suffer from age-related illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis, it’s up to us to make their lives easier and more comfortable. A massage pillow can help relieve all kinds of physical pain, including joint stiffness, muscle aches and poor blood circulation. The Zyllion massage pillow is an amazing gift for the holidays. It uses Shiatsu massage techniques to relieve tension, making your loved one feel more relaxed and ready to tackle their daily activities.

We love the holiday season because it’s the best time of the year to show our loved ones how much we care. Sometimes we don’t know what to buy… especially when it comes to our aging relatives who simply want to see us more often. Make time to visit around the holidays, especially if they have transitioned to assisted living or nursing facilities. They’ll know that you haven’t forgotten about them, which will help make Christmas merrier for the whole family.

Daniel Lewis writes about health and fitness-related issues. He has a deep knowledge of the field and is a regular contributor to, which focuses on elder care homes and retirement villages in the UK.

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