Thursday, August 18, 2016

Guest Post: Rise Above the Fear of Falling [Infographic]

By Michael Leavy
Home Healthcare Adaptations

In our younger years when we fall – maybe we lose our balance or slip on a hazardous surface – we’re usually able to pick ourselves up and continue onwards as if nothing had happened. However, for elderly people, falling can be a serious health risk, if not fatal. Even the fear of falling can substantially deter an older person from keeping active.

This infographic from Home Healthcare Adaptations highlights the dangers of falls in the elderly, but also focuses on what people can do to alleviate the fear of suffering a fall. Those of us living with an elderly person have an important part to play by keeping the floors clear of items such as toys, electrical cords and unsecured rugs.

We can also encourage activity in elderly people in order to improve their balance. This doesn’t have to be anything strenuous; simple routines such as tai chi and a chair rise exercise can work wonders. Once an older person starts doing these routinely, they will find that their balance has greatly improved, and this has a positive effect on their overall self-confidence.

Rather than approaching a potentially risky situation with trepidation, the person will instead believe that they can stay on their own two feet, which at a certain age feels like a real accomplishment.

Consider how you can encourage an elderly person to be mindful rather than fearful of the risks of falling.

Home Healthcare Adaptations, based in Ireland, is a family-run company that specializes in adapting homes for the elderly and less abled.

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