Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beatitudes for Caregivers

Here are my Beatitudes for Caregivers. They bring to mind a vision of blessed happiness, showing how caregivers can be free of a sense of obligation, while they pursue an enlightened path to giving care. Psalm 41– "Blessed is she who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers her in times of trouble" – moved me to create this tribute to caregivers everywhere. May these words inspire you on your caregiving journey.

1. Blessed are those who take on the caregiving commitment, for they can love, accept and respect themselves.
2. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
3. Blessed are the humble, for they shall learn new skills and understanding.
4. Blessed are they who remain steadfast in giving care, for they shall have inner satisfaction.
5. Blessed are the compassionate, for they shall have a deeper connection with their loved one.
6. Blessed are they who give care with an open heart, for they shall be honored by all.
7. Blessed are the peacemakers who hold families together during distressful times, for they shall be supported.
8. Blessed are the caregivers who are criticized for their efforts, for they shall endure.
9. Rejoice, and be glad that caregivers are willing to carry their burdens lightly, for their example lights the way for others.